Our customers don't have to settle for basic vacuum systems. Avoid conventional end tools and learn about our Vacuum Grab safeties that no one else offers.

AIMCO produces vacuum lifters for a number of different industrial markets including (but not limited to) packaging, glass handling, sheet metal, plate handling, cabinets, body panels, counter tops, and furniture. AIMCO’s Vacuum Grab End Effectors utilize venturi vacuum systems powered by plant compressed air.  Venturi systems are ideal for applications where the surface of the product is non-porous. This method of vacuum generation is a safe and reliable means of product handling that places very little demand on plant air consumption.  Low CFM consumption yields low costs of operation. AIMCO provides control packages that are designed for reliable product handling and can be supplied to manipulate loads in a variety of ways.  Loads can be tilted, rotated, inverted, or simply picked & placed.  Look for pictures tagged with “Manipulation”

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