The stakes are high when you have to festoon vacuum hose overhead. With our VacuJIB you avoid the hassle of tangling and the risk of kinking your vacuum hose!


AIMCO Vacuum Series Articulating Jib with 360° continuous rotation at two pivot joints. Each pivot joint is equipped with Timken tapered roller bearings, pre-greased and sealed, designed to a 5:1 safety factor. End of arm attachment is a clevis bracket intended for integration with a Vacuum Tube Lifter. Vacuum Lines are internal and sealed from pedestal to end of arm. Custom pivot joints are outfitted with radial shaft seals and heavy duty o-rings to perform as a vacuum rotary union. The equivalent cross-sectional area of a 1" or 2" diameter flow path is maintained throughout the jib arm; from the pedestal's inlet, to the end of arm outlet.

AIMCO is a preferred Jib supplier and partner of Vaculex and a partner of Schmals Inc.

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