If you are stuck with having to reach out up to 4-ft into a machine, oven, or press; our KickLIFT can alleviate the pain in your operator's back.

AIMCO's KickLIFTs are ideal for load manipulation in low headroom environments. Lifting arms provide the ability to reach-in, around, and under obstructions while providing a safe and secure means of load handling. The KickLIFT systems were first developed for part/rack transfer on overhead moving conveyor lines. The arm's simplicity of design, reliability and modest cost has fostered many other industrial lift assist uses. End of Arm Tooling for AIMCO's KickLIFTs range from simple lifting forks to custom grippers with Mechanical or Vacuum Grabs. Parallel linkage is standard to assure the payload and end of arm tooling retain the proper orientation throughout the lift and transfer operation.  "Soft Start" cylinders with speed adjustment provide for a smooth, regulated lift and lower motion.

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