AIMCO's ArtJIB cranes are widely considered the finest available. The AIMCO bearing design assures smooth and effortless rotation allowing loads to be moved freely throughout the entire work circle.  Additionally, the bearing design allows for custom preloads to be set at the overhead crane’s primary & secondary knuckles. Air or electrical lines are internal to the arms with rotating swivels or collector rings to maintain a continuous 360 degree rotation at both knuckles.Overhead ArtJIB Crane Capacities range from 50 LBs to 1,600 LBs with radial reaches up to 15 feet and coverage of 700 square feet. AIMCO Jib Stops are available to restrict overhead crane rotation at the primary and or secondary pivot joint(s).  Hard stops are a good solution to prevent arms from swinging across forklift lanes or aisle-ways.